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Who is Bumpy Johnson?

He was born on October 31, 1905, which was Bumpy Johnson’s birthday. He is the Crime kingpin in Harlem, New York, the son of a mob boss. The criminal BUMPY JOHNSON is a member of the Criminal Industry. He was arrested more than forty times and spent time at Alcatraz Prison.

After Johnson was sent to live with his older sister Mabel in Harlem in 1919, his parents worried about his short temper and insolence towards whites. After primary education, Johnson began to work in unruly jobs. Bumpy Johnson Net Worth is $100 Million. 

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Bumpy Johnson Biography/Wiki

FromUnited States of America
Birth31 October 1905, South Carolina, USA
Death7 July 1968, Harlem, Manhattan, USA
Star SignScorpio
OccupationDrug Trafficker
SpouseMayme Hatcher ​(1948)​
Children 2
Criminal Penalty15 years imprisonment
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight 67 Kg
Net Worth$1 million – $5 million

Bumpy Johnson Daughter

Ruthie and Elise, who were both related, were daughters of Johnson. There is no wonder that Elise Johnson is the real daughter of Bumpy, Mayme, and Margaret Johnson. The grandmother of Margaret was raised by her grandparents as their daughter. 

Ruthie Johnson and Elise Johnson, two of Ruthie daughters and stepdaughters, both died in 2006. Neither Bumpy Johnson nor Mayme Johnson’s mother can claim Elise Johnson as their daughter. Despite her heroin addiction, she was a shoplifter.

Bumpy Johnson Parents:

The son of Margaret Moultrie and William Johnson, Bumpy Johnson was born in Charleston, South Carolina, on October 31, 1905. At an early age a man was killed by his elder brother, then they moved north to his sister. 

Bumpy Johnson Wife:

His wife’s name is Hattie Hatcher. They met in 1948 and married soon after. Hattie was born in North Carolina in 1914 and moved to New York in 1938. Then, She worked as a waitress and later a hostess. In 1948, she met Eddie.

How did Bumpy Johnson Die:

The life of Bumpy Johnson came to an end in 1968 after a long battle with congestive heart failure. The cause of his death was complications from the disease. Bumpy Johnson was a well-known figure in Harlem during the early 1900s. He was born in 1905 and died at the age of 63. Bumpy was a successful businessman and had a criminal empire that came crashing down in the early 1960s.

 Tax evasion charges brought against him were brought to prison. While he was in jail, his wife and children were killed in a fire. Bumpy never fully recovered from their deaths. He was released from prison in 1966, but his health deteriorated, and he died just a few years later in 1968.

Bumpy Johnson Movies:

An avenue for gambling rackets in Harlem was run by Bumpy Johnson, a real-life character who faced the Mob. Laurence Fishburne and Vanessa Williams portrayed Bumpy Johnson and his wife.

Bumpy Johnson Movies

The godfather of Harlem:

In Godfather of Harlem, Chris Brancato and Paul Eckstein tell the story of the infamous crime boss Bumpy Johnson (Whitaker), who returned to Harlem in the early 1960s. After eleven years of imprisonment, he discovered the neighborhood he once ruled in shambles.

Bumpy Johnson Death:

Johnson passed away due to heart failure on 7 July 1968. His childhood friend Junie Byrd was by his side when he died.

Bumpy Johnson Funeral:

Johnson was a notoriously successful African American gangster who ran a large numbers racket out of Harlem, New York. He was buried in Woodlawn Cementery, Conservancy, the United States. 

Bumpy Johnson Career:

His criminal career spanned four decades, during which he was involved in bookmaking, bodyguard work, pimping, and drug dealing. Johnson’s criminal activities were often motivated by race; he was once forced to flee his home to avoid racial persecution, and later ended a war between Harlem bookies and the Italian mafia.

By the time he died in 1968, Bumpy Johnson had become the most powerful figure in Harlem’s organized crime scene. In 1922, he was first arrested and spent 12-20 year sentence in Sing Sing Prison for armed robbery. Upon his release, he quickly rose to power, heading an organization that controlled gambling, numbers games, and policy games throughout Harlem.

He was arrested again in 1945 for shooting a man (but was acquitted on grounds of self-defense), and then in 1957 on conspiracy charges related to narcotics violations. He spent his final years in and out of prison on various charges, before ultimately being paroled in 1977 and dying at the age of 68.

Bumpy Johnson American Gangster:

Bumpy Johnson’s character in American Gangster helped pave the way for a new era of mob movies, with Bumpy Johnson as the figurehead. A real life criminal mastermind, Bumpy ran the Harlem underworld during the Harlem Renaissance.

He worked as a partner with Stephanie St. Clair, a crime Queen; they fought against other mobs, including the Irish and Jewish gangs. At the end, Bumpy Johnson’s reputation preceded him and he was given the title of “family associate” by Lucky Luciano.

Frank Lucas was the driver of Bumpy. According to American Gangster, he was one of the most powerful outlaws in the late-1960s with a higher street rank than any Mafia soldier. He was a true drug lord with access to the most potent heroin in the city.

Bumpy Johnson Cause of Death:

Beneath the fluorescent lights of the all-night diner, the worn Formica tabletop shone like a starry night sky. A greasy chicken leg and a cup of coffee were the only objects on Johnson’s plate. The waitress had just set them down when he suddenly clutched his chest and fell over. He deid of severe heart failure before paramedics arrived.

Bumpy Johnson Show:

According to EPIX, the third season of Godfather of Harlem will explore Johnson’s tumultuous relationship with the younger, up-and-coming Harlem gangs. Whitaker is an Oscar winning actor and his portrayal of Johnson is sure to be a compelling watch. Viewers of Criminal Videos do not want to miss out on this series. Most people like this series.

Bumpy Johnson Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How old is Bumpy Johnson now?

Ans: Johnson was born on October 31, 1905, in Charleston, he died on July 7, 1968, at 62.

Q: What happened to Bumpy Johnson after Alcatraz?

Ans: A few years after being released from prison, Bumpy Johnson died of a heart attack.

Q: How did Bumpy Johnson die in the godfather?

Ans: Bumpy Johnson was the leader of Harlem gangsters, and after St. Clair is injured, Johnson takes over as the Godfather. He dies shortly after due to a heart attack.

Q: Did Bumpy Johnson ever drive for himself?

Ans: Mayme Johnson says that Frank Lucas was never her driver. Bumpy drove for himself, and the only person who drove with Frank Lucas back in the 1930s was Freddy Parson.

Q: How did Bumpy Johnson get the nickname Bumpy?

Ans: During his young years, his skull deformed, a nickname called “Bumpy.” When Johnson was 10 years old, his brother William was accused of killing a white man in Charleston.

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