How To Hide Page On a dealer Com Website 2023

How to hide page on a website

How to hide page on a dealer com website? Do you have a Dealer Com demo of your automotive website builder? Do You Have No Idea “How To Hide Pages On A Dealer com Website? You’re not alone, almost all new car dealers are having this problem.

It is possible to prevent visitors who are not logged into your website from viewing the page by changing the visibility of the page to “hidden.”

The page can also be deleted completely. Make sure you make a backup first, however, in case you need to restore the page if necessary.

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  • 3 Steps: How to Hide Page On a dealer com Website
  • Step-1: Log in to dealer com 
  • Step-2: Select Page You Want to Hide
  • Step-3: Click on Hide this Page Link
  • Advantages of a dealer com website’s hidden page
  • Dealer com Website Advertising optimization
  • Add Carousel Slideshows to dealer com websites
  • Dealer com Effective Website Design
  • Conclusion

3 Steps: How to Hide Page On a dealer com Website 

Step-1: Log in to dealer com 

Log in with your dealer com credentials at first on the website.

Usernames and passwords must be entered correctly in order to log in. Conversely, how do you log on if you forget your password? It’s nothing to worry about. In order to recover your password, you simply need to tap on Forgot password.

Step-2: Select Page You Want to Hide:

Your desired page can be found once you have logged in successfully. A product page or a page for a product that has already been sold could be included. This is where you can carefully search for pages that you wish to hide and choose the ones you wish to hide.

Step-3: Click on Hide this Page Link:

After clicking on the Hide this Page link, you have successfully hidden that page. That’s it: you have successfully hidden the page. Effective Website Design

The Ctrl + S key on your computer will allow you to find the Hide this Page link if you cannot find it. Search for the Hide this Page link in the search bar that appears. Once the changes have been made, tap save.

Mobile users must enable Desktop Site on their browser if they are doing this on their mobile devices. Tap on the desktop site under the three vertical dots, also called more options, in Chrome. You will then need to follow the steps above for the desktop.

The above-mentioned desktop steps can be followed by opening the Safari browser and tapping on the AA icon, then clicking on Request Desktop Site and following the rest of the above instructions.

Advantages Of a Website’s Hidden Page:

A website can be made more user-friendly by hiding pages.

There might be an increase in website security as a result of this change.

How to Hide Page On a Website HACKERS may find it more challenging to identify and exploit vulnerabilities if you hide pages.

It might also be beneficial to hide pages in order to enhance the performance of your website. Keeping non-frequently visited pages hidden will speed up your website and increase its responsiveness. Website Advertising Optimization:

Through’s advertising program, you can reach the right customers at the right time with highly targeted messaging to maximize your return on investment. To increase your online presence across all digital platforms, we also offer custom website development services.

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Add Carousel Slideshows To Websites:

The website allows you to add carousel slideshows. Images and information can be displayed in a compact area with this method. Having many images scrollable without having to click each one will make your visitors’ lives easier and more convenient.

Here’s how to add a carousel:

  • Choose Carousel from the menu under Add an Add-on.
  • Your vehicle listing page will display a slideshow when you click the Add Media icon.
  • You can remove images from the carousel by clicking the red X.
  • Create a new carousel by selecting the images you want to appear in it. Next to your listing, a carousel will display a new image. Effective Website Design:

You can easily create your pages and seamless pushes with their web design, which is powerful and easy to adjust.

Mobile tablet and desktop users have received the right level of information from each visitor, courtesy of the correct photos, material, and format.

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The fact that you are reading this indicates that you have read through the article to the end and are now aware of how to hide a page on a website. Feel free to comment with any questions you may have. We’ll do our best to answer your questions as soon as possible. Wishing you a nice and wonderful day.

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