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Who is Laura Farms?

Laura Wilson, known by her YouTube channel name Laura Farms, is a farmer from South Central Nebraska, USA. She is 22 years old and has been running her successful YouTube channel for over 300K subscribers. Laura Farms Net Worth is about $107k.

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Laura’s channel mainly focuses on farming-related content and videos showing her working in the fields. Although not much is known about her personal life, such as her parents or educational background, Laura has been able to build a strong presence for herself online as a female farmer.

Laura Farms Quick Bio

Real NameLaura Wilson
Net Worth$107K
Date of Birth11th May
BirthplaceSouth Central Nebraska, USA
Height5 feet 4 inches
Weight55 kg
OccupationFarmer, YouTuber

Laura Farms Education

Laura completed her education at Nebraska Christian Schools. In 2019, she started attending Southeast Community College in Lincoln, Nebraska to pursue a degree in General Business Administration and Management.

Despite initiating her studies in Business Administration, Laura always had the intent of making a living with farming.

Laura Farms Husband and Family

Laura Farms loves his husband Grant. Grant was Laura Farms boyfriend but now according to updates, Grant is Laura Farms Husband.

Laura Wilson originates from Marquette village in Hamilton County, Nebraska, United States, and was born on 11 May 2001. She comes from a farming family with her father, Cale Carlson being a farmer as well as YouTuber who owns the YouTube channel Lead Farms. 

Furthermore, her mother Megan Nelson Carlson is involved in agriculture. As for siblings, Laura has four younger brothers and sisters – Adam, David, Ethan, and Amanda.

Laura Farms YouTube and TikTok Stats

Chanel Name: Laura Farms

Joined on: April 2020

Subscribers: 414k

Country Name: United States of America

Tiktok Account Name: Laurafarms

Followers: 859.7k

Likes: 11.2M

Laura Farms Instagram

Laura Farms posted her latest photos and videos on her account from time to time. You can see and send msgs her to better describe your feelings for her, so you can visit now:

Account Name: Laura_Farms

Followers: 179k

Posts: 352

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Laura Farms Real Name

Laura Farms is a famous American YouTuber. Laura Farm Real Name is Laura Wilson. Laura Farms Age is 22 years.

Laura Farms Height And Weight

The height and weight of the woman are approximately 5’4 inches and 55 kilograms, respectively.

A Fifth-Generation Farmer

Since her childhood, Laura has lent a hand to her father and grandfather with their farming operations.

 In 2020, she made the plunge into full-time farming, aiding them in cultivating commercial white corn, yellow corn, soybeans, and intercropping cereal rye and turnips in South Central Nebraska. 

Her family kept pigs and cows while in 2020 she decided to rent her own 160 acres to begin farming independently. 

After getting married, Laura has been furthering her husband’s agricultural efforts as well.

Laura Farms

Laura Farms Becoming Viral

Beginning her Twitter presence in her youth, Laura was asked to manage the Ag of The World account for a period of seven days to demonstrate the agricultural life in Nebraska. Famous amongst cultivators, this account rapidly increased in popularity when Laura began posting brief clips, one of which exhibited the interior of a tractor cab becoming especially renowned and being shared multiple times.

Laura Farms Movies

Here is a list of movies you might want to watch to gain more knowledge about organic farming: 

1. The Future of Food (2004)

2. Earthlings (2005) 

3. Seeds of Time (2007)

4. The Real Dirt on Farmer John (2005) 

5. Food, Inc. (2008) 

6. Fresh (2009) 

7. EarthTalk: The Movie (2009)

Laura Farms Entering YouTube

Until then, Laura did not have a YouTube channel and she was anxious that other YouTubers could upload her renowned Twitter video to their own channels. She wanted the renowned video to be on her own YouTube channel, therefore on April 24th, 2020, she made her channel named Laura Farms and posted the popular Twitter video titled Inside of a Tractor Cab.

This video too became viral on YouTube obtaining more than one million views plus it got shared through various websites including Reddit. Because of this single video, Laura’s channel rose rapidly and she was featured on the KNOP-TV news website plus Aurora News-Register. She also shares his farm videos on Laura Farms Tiktok.

Thanks to the widespread popularity of her video, Laura was presented with multiple offers to appear on television programs across the globe. Yet, she chose not to accept them as she had no interest in TV. As of May 2022, her YouTube channel had gathered 414K subscribers and her Instagram profile boasted 179K followers.

Laura Farms Net Worth

The YouTube channel Laura Farms, which uploads videos in the categories of vehicles, lifestyle, and knowledge, has gained a lot of subscribers and is gaining fame. According to estimates for 2022, the net worth of Laura Farms is around $107K. In this article, you will discover the salary, income, and earnings of Laura Farms.

Laura Farms Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How old is Laura Farms?

Ans: Laura Farms age is 22 years old.

Q: Who are Laura Farms?

Ans: Laura Farms Real Name is Laura Wilson. She is a farmer and YouTuber from America. She belongs to a farmers family. She teaches us farming on her YouTube Chanel.

Q: What is Laura Farms Height?

Ans: Laura Farms Height is not Available.

Q: What is the last name of Laura Farms?

Ans: Wilson is his last name.

Q: From where is Laura Farms?

Ans: Laura Farms is from the United State of America.

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