Aharon Brown, Longtime Stalker of Arianna Grande Arrested for Breaking Into Her Home

Longtime Stalker of Arianna Grande Arrested for Breaking Into Her Home

On Sunday, Aharon Brown, Longtime Stalker of Arianna Grande Arrested for Breaking Into Her Home 2023. A hunting knife was used by Brown last September to threaten the house’s security after pulling up.

According to One News Now, Aharon Brown, who broke into Grande’s home while she was away Sunday, was arrested. Brown has repeatedly violated restraining orders against the singer.

A restraining order has been in place against Brown since September when he allegedly threatened to kill Grande and her security detail with a hunting knife at her Los Angeles home.

A restraining order was sought by Grande in September following the September incident in which she pleaded with the Superior Court of Los Angeles to grant her a restraining order against her stalker, Brown.

During an interview, Brown confessed that she and her family were ‘frightened’ of being physically harmed by him.

‘I Am Fearful, For My Safety And The Safety Of My Family

Longtime Stalker of Arianna Grande Arrested for Breaking Into Her Home

The fact that several female celebrities have been targeted at their homes by stalkers in recent years, including Taylor Swift and Charli XCX, shows Grande isn’t the only one.

Brown reportedly violated the restraining order recently, according to TMZ, despite a restraining order being granted against him.

Several charges have been filed against Brown, including stalking, obstruction, malicious damage to power lines, and violating a court order. Although the stalker had not pleaded guilty, he had not yet been found guilty. Now he is in police custody. A misdemeanour trespassing charge along with a criminal battery charge was filed against him. It was alleged that he committed these crimes.

Who is Aharon Brown?

Earlier this year, Aharon Brown, who had been arrested for breaking into Ariana Grande’s house, was accused of breaking into her home on Sunday. Although Brown’s personal information is unavailable, it was revealed in September 2021 that he clearly had ill intentions toward Grande. He reportedly screamed, “I’ll f***ing kill you!”. when he entered the singer’s Los Angeles home last year.”

As well as a judge’s order, he wasn’t allowed to go near Ariana. The order wasn’t enough to stop him; he tried to get near the singer again and broke the law. Instead of reporting himself for violating the restraining order, the 24-year-old broke into the house of the 24-year-old’s mother in Montecito, California. 

Aharon Brown, Longtime Stalker of Arianna Grande Arrested for Breaking Into Her Home a security alert sounded when the cops arrived, Ariana was not home when the incident occurred. According to the charges, Brown obstructed justice, stalked, broke into a house, damaged power lines, and disobeyed a court order. As well as damaging power lines, he was accused of doing so. He declined to plead guilty to each of these charges.

On Grande’s Birthday, She Stayed Away From Social Media:

The singer didn’t share anything on social media on her birthday but shared a video of herself at five.

The caption of the video contained merely an emoji of bubbles. Grande appears wearing black socks, white pants, and a white blouse with puff sleeves in the video.

Police showed up to arrest the stalker as a security alarm went off. The incident occurred when Ariana was absent from home. It was reported that he was arraigned for stalking, burglary, damaging power lines, breaching a court order, and obstruction and that he pleaded not guilty to all of those charges.

Ariana Grande experienced a similar problem in May 2020. Several years ago, the singer and her mother Joan received a warning from a stalker named Fidel Henriquez in which he was instructed to remain away from them for at least five years. His love letter was discovered by police after he managed to get past her security guards and leave it at her door.

The charges against Henriquez include misdemeanour trespassing and criminal battery as a result of his alleged spat on the police officers. He had been charged with these offences.

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