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Malvada is a 2022 English Mexican film that is directed by Jose Manuel Cravioto. The film stars included Maria Rojo, Gisselle Kuri, Giuseppe Gamba, Ferreira, Michelle Renaud, Astrid Etcheverry, Paola Flores, and Rogelio Nieto. The  Malvada movie was released in Mexico on 29 December 2022. In other countries, not been released yet. However on Netflix, Disney plus, Hulu, HBO max, and Peacock. 

Mexican theaters also have, you can purchase a ticket from the official site and can enjoy seeing this comedy movie. The movie runtime is 1 hour and thirty-six minutes. The people also have not commented yet on this movie. The production movies included Videocine, Videocine S.A. de C.V., and EFICINE 189. To check the taste of a movie you can see the movie trailer. The film Genera is Comedy, Fantasy, and Romanic Comedy.

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Malvada Movie Synopsis

After the couple separates, his mother contacts her to inform her that her son will marry a witch. The beautiful wife of a powerful drug lord falls in love with another man. She and her lover plan to kill their husband because they’re tired of his jealousy.

Malvada Cast & Crew:

Movie nameMalvada
Directed byJose Manuel Cravioto
Music byFrancisco Cravioto
Cinematography byDiego Tenorio
Casting byAlejandro
Makeup ArtistFabiana Estay
Production Management byMaria Elena Batay
Sound DepartmentPaola Cordova
Graphic Designer byKartia Cortes
Dialogue AssistantErick Flores Romero
Sound effects editing byOscar Victoria
Visual Effect Editing byR. Edgardo Avalos Cuenca
Visual effects supervisorMevlana Rumi
Camera OperatorMariana Saldivar, Sebastian Santamaria
D.I ProducerEduardo Guillen J.
Music SupervisorJaviar Nuno, Joe Rodriguez

Malvada Movie Casts:

Maria RojoAs Dona Claudia
Gisselle KuriAs Fernanda
Giuseppe GambaAs Daniel
FerreiraAs Mama
Michelle RenaudAs Bruja
Astrid EtcheverryAs  Dependienta
Paola FloresAs Dora
Paola MiguelAs Nieta
Rogelio NietoAs Maquillista

Malvada Movie Producers:

ProducerMariana Franco
Associate ProducerAlexis Fridman

Malvada Released Date:

The movie has only been released in Mexico yet.

Mexico29 December 2022
USAComing soon
UKComing soon
GermanyComing soon
ArgentinaComing soon

Malvada Budget & Revenue:

The budget and revenue information does not disclose. There are no reviews from the audience because the movie does not been worldwide released yet. However, people rated the movie 50 percent on many online platforms.

Malvada Season 1 Total Episode and Run Time:

The runtime of the Malvada movie is 1 hour and 36 minutes. There is no number of series available on the internet. 

Watch the Malvada Full Movie in Theater & Live Stream:

Malvada movie is available in theaters in Mexico and USA. Malvada Movie theater release date is 29 December 2022 in Mexico. The live streaming of this movie is available on Disney Plus, Hulu, HBO max, and Peacock. This movie is also present on Netflix.

Malvada Trailer:

Malvada first trailer was released on Filmaffinity’s official Youtube channel. The running time of the movie trailer is 1 minute and thirty-one seconds and gained about 1k views.

Malvada Movie Trailer

Malvada Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who is the director of the Malvada movie?

Ans: Jose Manuel Cravioto.

Q. What is Malvada Netflix?

Ans: The movie can be accessed by people on Netflix and also on Disney plus, Hulu, HBO max, Peacock, and many others.

Q. How long is Malvada Movie?

Ans: The runtime of the movie is one hour, thirty-six minutes. 

Q. Who is the producer of  Malvada Movie?

Ans: The Malvada producers are Alexis Fridman and Mariana Franco.

Q. When Malvada Movie was released?

Ans: Theatrical movie was released on 29 December 2022 in Mexico.

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