Reflections On The ISAR Congress 2023

Reflections on the ISAR congress

Reflections on the ISAR congress held its 3rd congress virtually from March 25-26, 2022. This conference was something that I was particularly looking forward to as I was also presenting – especially since I could network with highly regarded ear reconstruction surgeons (names pending).

There was a variety of keynote speakers and presentations during the two-day Congress, conducted on the conference virtual platform, covering nearly all aspects of ear reconstruction. In this blog, I will discuss two particularly interesting topics: cartilage/porous polyethylene (PPE) ear reconstruction and 3D printing research in auricular reconstruction.

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More About; Reflections On The ISAR Congress 2023

  • Reflections on the ISAR Congress 2022
  • Gertrude Elion Memorial Award 
  • ISAR Certificate of Astrological Proficiency (CAP)
  • 11th Annual International Congress of Arthroplasty Registries
  • International Society of arthroplasty registries

Gertrude Elion Memorial Award:

Burroughs wellcome fund commits funds to ISAR every year to support the Gertrude Elion Memorial Award. During the Society’s annual conference, the award will be presented during the lecture. As an awardee, you will be reimbursed $7,500 for minimal administrative fees, travel, and per diem.

The award will be a fixed amount, while travel and per diem expenses will vary depending on where you are coming from. In the event that Elion awards are made in the future, the remainder will be held in escrow.

ISAR Certificate Of Astrological Proficiency (CAP):

In order to become certified by ISAR, students must study at school and have their teachers assist them in acquiring the required astrological knowledge and interpretation skills. It is therefore important that schools and teachers examine their own curriculum and update it where necessary.

11th Annual International Congress Of Arthroplasty Registries:

It is my pleasure to welcome you all to Dublin, Ireland for the 11th ISAR Congress under the leadership of the Local Organizing Committee Chairman Paddy Kenny and the President of ISAR Ola Rolfson.

Attached here find the Chairman’s Invitation Letter with General Information about the congress.

Valotta undergoes a two-stage operation in which microtia cartilage is resected, a pocket is prepared, costal cartilage is harvested, the ear framework is carved, and the framework is inset beneath the skin. After six months, symmetry is maintained by advancing the neck and inserting skin grafts along the sulcus with ear and sulcus symmetries in the contralateral ear.

My favorite session was about research & 3D printing, and I was looking forward to it the most. It featured presentations worldwide on tissue engineering research, especially those from Mr Neil Bulstrode and Dr Indri Lakhsmi Putri, who chaired this session.

International Society Of Arthroplasty Registries:

International Society of arthroplasty registries

By combining scaffolds, cells, and biologically active molecules, tissue engineering can be used to build the tissue that functions. A research team from the University of Washington has recently developed a method for generating mature cartilage in vivo with long-term results that are highly stable and patient-specific.

The presenters used videos and diagrams to explain the general process of tissue engineering, despite the fact that the individual processes were far beyond what I could comprehend.

A team of renowned surgeons and innovators from around the world shared their insights and opinions during the two-day conference. The opportunity to have my name mentioned alongside some of the most influential names in ear reconstruction, along with networking and answering questions from the audience, was extremely humbling.

This conference has certainly widened my eyes to the wonders of the work being done in this field as reflections on the ISAR congress Isaac Newton said, 

“I have seen further by standing on the shoulders of giants”

Hopefully, I will be able to have a significant effect on the care of patients with auricular problems as a result of further research and attending/presenting at more of these conferences.

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