The Best Email Marketing Platforms In 2023

Best Email marketing platforms

Best Email marketing platforms 2023 can be split into two categories: free and paid. Free tools may have some limitations in terms of features, but they’re excellent for small-business owners who are just starting out and want to learn the ropes. Paid tools often offer advanced options – from drip campaigns to tracking and analytics – that businesses that are ready for growth will find beneficial.

The advantage of a paid platform is that you aren’t constrained by limited offerings and the number of subscribers; instead, you can get as many subscribers as your business needs.

List Of Best Email Marketing Platforms 2023:

  1. Sendinblue — Best overall
  2. Constant Contact — Best drag-and-drop builder
  3. MailerLite — Best for the essentials at an affordable price
  4. Omnisend —Best email and SMS marketing combo
  5. Moosend — Best for ecommerce
  6. AWeber — Best value for low subscriber count
  7. GetResponse — Best for automated lead generation
  8. HubSpot — Best for automated email marketing
  9. Drip — Best for new eCommerce businesses
  10. ConvertKit — Best for influencers, bloggers, and creators

Best Email marketing platforms


SendinBlue is one of the most popular best email marketing platforms in the industry. The reason? It has a full package of features that makes it both easy and affordable to use. Take its mobile app for example, which allows you to send emails directly from your tablet or smartphone.

And if you do have any issues with the platform itself, such as when an email was not delivered or a subscriber gets stuck in a never-ending “opt-in” loop (which commonly confuses people), Sendinblue has 24/7 live chat and even telephone support to help you troubleshoot whatever issue may be blocking you from getting your job done efficiently.

Here’s why we think Sendinblue is the best overall platform for sending out mass emails: because it’s reliable, relatively inexpensive, and feature-rich with some great setup wizards that make sign-up pretty intuitive so not to require technical expertise – while remaining simple enough for beginners to use without the awkwardness!

Constant Contact  Best drag-and-drop Email Marketing Platforms 

Constant Contact is one of the best drag-and-drop email marketing platforms available today. It offers a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to create beautiful email newsletters, and it comes with a wide range of features that make it a powerful tool for marketing your business. Constant Contact offers a wide range of templates that you can use to create your email newsletters, and it’s easy to customize the templates to match your branding.

You can also use Constant Contact to create signup forms, landing pages, and other marketing materials. Constant Contact integrates with a wide range of third-party services, making it easy to add signup forms to your website, connect to your CRM, and track your results. If you’re looking for a comprehensive email marketing platform that offers a great drag-and-drop interface and a wide range of features, Constant Contact is a great option.

MailerLite — Best for the essentials at an affordable price

MailerLite is a choice that provides reliable email marketing services at an affordable price. With MailerLite, users can create beautiful newsletters and contact subscribers, track their results, and easy to use. Also offers a free plan for those who need it MailerLite runs smoothly, thanks to its integrated high-speed servers which give you excellent performance. What’s more, MailerLite has rapid features and affordable prices.

This email marketing service also offers different options and privacy protection features. As MailerLite also allows you to create a custom sign-up form as well as an aesthetically pleasing template with unlimited color options.

Omnisend —Best email and SMS marketing combo

Omnisend is a tool for internal and external marketing that includes email and SMS marketing channels. This combo of channels allows you to reach a wider audience and enables your brand to gain popularity among customers who utilize both communication channels. Additionally, Omnisend provides features that are valuable for business owners, such as the ability to segment an audience, track results, and more.

Moosend — Best for eCommerce

Moosend is a powerful tool for eCommerce. It offers everything you need to manage your inventory and keep track of consignments from any smartphone or tablet device. With Moosend, you can easily create beautiful product pages, connect with customers through various personalized emails, and push out targeted marketing through automated campaigns to increase the reach of your business.

Moosend also features analytics that helps keep you in control at all times. Take complete charge of your sales and optimize your business as you make constant upgrades over time! Visit to learn more about how we can help grow your business today. 

AWeber — Best value for low subscriber count

AWeber is an email marketing service that integrates with other applications to streamline how you send your emails to a variety of people at the same time. AWeber allows businesses to create their own professional-looking newsletter or promotional emails and offers a drag-and-drop builder, automated campaigns, customizable templates, and helpful tools for sending all kinds of newsletters via email.

GetResponse — Best for automated lead generation

GetResponse is like a homemade pizza. It’s simple enough for kids to create, but you can add in whatever toppings you want to make it your own. Unlike other email marketing platforms that only give one limited option for email templates, GetResponse gives users a selection of different templates to choose from – including HTML or merge tags.

They even have drag/drop editors that are easy to use so that all marketers can manage their campaigns easily, regardless of their experience level.

HubSpot — Best for automated email marketing

HubSpot is a company that provides software and consulting services to help businesses attract visitors, convert leads into customers, track their sales and marketing progress, and manage their content. The firm was founded in 2006 by two MIT graduates with the goal of providing businesses with better tools to market themselves in an increasingly digital world. It is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Drip — Best for new eCommerce businesses

Drip is an ideal mix of three things: an eCommerce platform, email marketing software, and a CRM. It allows business owners to automate all their marketing and sales processes so they can focus more on the bigger picture – growing their business.

With Drip, you can create beautiful email campaigns, segment your customers into different lists, track profitability and even integrate seamlessly with a few eCommerce platforms like Stripe or ActiveCampaign. 

ConvertKit — Best for influencers, bloggers, and creators

If you’re starting a business online, you know the importance of building a list of subscribers. ConvertKit offers a powerful yet easy-to-use tool for managing your subscriber lists and sending automated emails from your inbox. With ConvertKit you can create opt-in forms and landing pages, build targeted email lists, segment your audience and run A/B tests

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