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The Man from Toronto is an American 2022  comedy film that is directed by Patrick Hughes. The Man of Toronto Movie Stars is Kevin Hart, Woody Harrelson, Kaley Cuoco, Jasmine Mathews, Lela Loren, Pierson Fode, and Jencarlos Canela. The Man from Toronto movie was released on June 24, 2022.

Teddy, a healthy fitness entrepreneur discharged from a local gym in Virginia. He does not tell his wife and takes him to Onancock on her birthday. Abandoning her at a spa, Teddy mistakenly arrives at the wrong cabin. He finds a man called Coughlin, who is being held, hostage. Thinking he is the “Man from Toronto”, a notorious interrogator, Teddy successfully intimidates Coughlin into relinquishing a code. 

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The FBI raids the cabin and persuades Teddy to impersonate the Man from Toronto to help seize Colonel Marin. An agent is assigned to take Lori and her companion Anne on a day of extravagance in Washington. D.C. says that the journey has been provided by Teddy’s occupation. 

In Toronto, Teddy meets Daniela, Marin wife, who flies him to San Juan, Puerto Rico with orders to locate Green, Coughlin’s partner, and bring him to the Colonel in D.C. The Man from Toronto, whose real name is Randy, ambushes Teddy en route. Randy informs his Handler, who sends another assassin, the Man from Miami, to complete the $2 million contract. 

The Man from Toronto Cast & Crew:

Movie NameThe Man from Toronto
Directed by Patrick Hughes
Written byRobbie Fox, Chris Bremner
Music byRamin Djawadi
Cinematography byRob Hardy
Film Editing byCraig Alpert
Casting by Javier Cristanch Visbal, Lindsay Graham, Mary Vernier
Production design byNaomi Shohan
Set decoration by Jaro Dick
Makeup ArtistErica Caseres
Costume Design byVirginia Johnson

The Man From Toronto Movie Casts:

Kevin Hart
Woody Harrelson
Kaley Cuoco
Jasmine Mathews
Lela Loren
Pierson Fode
Jencarlos Canela
Kevin Yeboah

The Man From Toronto Movie Producers:

Todd Black
Bill Bannerman
Jason Blumenthal
Jason Cloth
David J. Bloomfield
Chris Cole
Aaron L. Gilbert
Haley Sweet
Steve Tisch

The Man from Toronto Released Date:

United Arab Emirates24 June 2022 (internet)
Argentina24 June 2022 (internet)
Belgium24 June 2022 (internet)
Brazil24 June 2022 (internet)
Canada24 June 2022 (internet)
Australia24 June 2022 (internet)
Germany24 June 2022 (internet)
Egypt24 June 2022 (internet)
Spain24 June 2022 (internet)
France24 June 2022 (internet)
UK24 June 2022 (internet)

The Man from Toronto Budget & Revenue:

The movie budget is about $75 Million while the revenue does not disclose. The reviews of The Man from Toronto movie are mixed and also received positive and negative comments from the audience. The Box Office results by worldwide or internationally results are $41.0,000

The Man from Toronto Season 1 Total Episode and Run Time:

The movie has no number of series. The runtime is 112 minutes.

The Man from Toronto Full Movie Watch the in Theater & Live Stream:

Currently, you can watch “The Man from Toronto” on Netflix, as Netflix basic with ads. On June 24, 2022, The Man from Toronto was released on Netflix. The film received mostly negative reviews from critics. Sony Pictures Releasing originally planned to release the film on November 20, 2020. The Man from Toronto on theater, you can purchase tickets from near cinemas. This movie is not accessible easily. You can see it only in the streams on Netflix.

The Man from Toronto Trailer

The movie trailer is available on many platforms like Netflix, Youtube etc. The trailer runtime is 2 minutes 36 seconds.

The Man from Toronto Trailer

The Man from Toronto Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the movie man from Toronto about?

Ans: No, it’s unfunny.

Q. Where is The Man from Toronto based?

Ans: Ontario.

Q. How long is The Man from Toronto movie?

Ans: One hour, fifty-two minutes.

Q. What year is the charger in the movie The Man from Toronto?

Ans: The black Dodge Charger 440 R/T in The Man From Toronto is from 1969.

Q. Who is The Man from Toronto Director?

Ans: Patrick Hughes.

Q. How I can see The Man from Toronto?

Ans: You can search The Man from Toronto Netflix. Movie streaming is only available on Netflix.

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